Cutex Review for Influenster


I received a few samples of Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads courtesy of an Influenster box that I won for free.

Nailpolish and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love it.. it hates me.. and my artistic skills are that of a 3 year old’s and I’m pretty sure that’s insulting to a 3 year old.  Needless to say, I go through a lot of nail polish remover.  I’ve gotta say, I was pretty skeptical about the Cutex pads because normally just having polish remover on a pad doesn’t work at all – I’m one of those who puts the polish remover in the cap and soaks my nails.. one at a time.

Regardless, I tried out these pads.. and I’ve gotta say, I was pretty impressed with them.  Granted they smell horrible, but all polish removers do, and they’re kind of cumbersome to use – it’s literally a thick piece of felt that has been soaked in a butt load of the Cutex Polish Remover and packaged.. meant so you could use it “on the go.”  It worked really well, it didn’t take much to get all the polish off of all of my fingers, and the felt pad thingy was still pretty saturated with the polish remover after I used it.  I can definitely see this being nice for people who travel a lot and can’t take a big bottle of remover with them, or keeping them in your purse for an emergency .. but really, you better be next to a sink to wash your hands off right after because your fingers will smell as they usually do when you use any sort of polish remover.

Overall, though, I actually do really like them.. I don’t know if I would buy them as my every day polish remover replacement.. but if I know I’m traveling somewhere, I’d definitely pick up a package of these.

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Advertisements Review


So, I’m back after a few month hiatus because I actually have something to talk about, woot!

Awhile back (sometime like last winter lol) the hubby and I were shopping at Meijer and came across the clearance aisle in the health/beauty section.  For a good price we found the KY Intense “Date Night” pack of personal lubricants – we had never tried it before, and because in the “Date Night” packaging it had redeemable codes for a $5 movie rental and a $40 gift voucher to, we figured why not try it out.  I remember standing in the middle of the aisle with my phone, looking at Plated’s website to try and figure out what it is before buying it, too… So, for those of you who don’t know what Plated is – it’s basically a subscription food service.  You pick out your menu you want to order, which changes weekly, and they will ship you all of your ingredients and the recipe card for whatever dish you ordered and you get to cook it.  Sounded fun to us, we like to cook.. and it could have been a nice “date night” thing.  So, we picked it up.

Fast forward to almost a year later… I finally got around to using my voucher.  I picked out what I wanted (which was two plates of veggie lo mein, seemed easy and yummy enough – since a lot of the dishes you can choose from include things that the hubby won’t eat) and the website told me I would be receiving my delivery on January 10th, which was a Saturday – and we get Fedex deliveries on Saturdays.

Here come’s Saturday, no delivery – we did have a little bit of weather so I figured okay.. a small delay, fine, whatever.. but they really should have sent this priority so it would have gotten here on time.  Well, here it is Tuesday, still no delivery.  At this time, I’m kind of upset and I’m knowing the fresh veggies are not going to hold up well from being frozen, unfrozen and refrozen being in and out of warm trucks, ect. so I did an online chat via Plated’s website and I explained to them that I find it completely unacceptable that it has taken so long – and they agreed with me.  They gave me a credit worth 4 plates to be used on a future order.  I was really pleased, and I told them this – I find that to be going above and beyond what normal customer service would normally do.  Regardless, the guy I chatted with told me I would just be able to log in, place my order and checkout and be good to go….

I browsed the site, decided some upcoming menus looked good, added them to my cart and went to check out… No credit.  I called up Plated, instead of doing the Live Chat this time, explained to them what happened – they looked up my account, saw that the credit had never been fully applied to my account and they fixed it for me right away.  Back to the website, I placed my order and thought I was done and done.

A few hours later, Fedex shows up with my original order that I was suppose to get on the 10th.  They knocked on the door and left it there.  I bring the order in, open up the small box (while commenting to myself “wow.. small box”) and look inside.. a little bit of pasta, a can of baby corn, a small gross looking carrot and a mushy shallot along with a couple packets of soy sauce, a small serving of teriyaki sauce and some cornstarch.  Needless to say, I’m not really impressed.  The small carrot and shallot, and the tiny amount of pasta does not look like it’s enough for two people what so ever.  Since the veggies were mushy, I threw them out, no questions asked since I had already spoke with Plated earlier and had everything resolved, ect.  So, I sat back down in my chair to relax.

No sooner did I sit down I get a phone call and it was Fedex “Is this the L. residence?” “Yes..” “Fedex just dropped off a package on your door.” “Yes, I’ve already gotten it..”  “Well, we need that package back.”  “…what?”  The guy on the phone explains to be that Plated has gotten in contact with Fedex and has requested that package back because it “may contain perishables” and they’re wanting Fedex to ship it back to them.  So, I explained to the guy on the phone that I’ve already thrown out the perishable foods and the rest of it is fine, but if they really need it back I can get the veggies out of the trash.. lol  So, the Fedex guy on the phone asks for Plated’s number, which I looked up on their website for him, and says that he’ll try to get in contact with them to find out what they want Fedex to do, and in the meantime if I don’t hear back from him to just assume everything’s taken care of.

I mulled over this for about an hour thinking that it’s extremely weird for the Fedex office to have called me asking for the package back (it was legit, I looked their number up!) so finally I called Plated again.  The girl I spoke with on the phone was polite and seemed just as bewildered as I was.  I explained what had happen, reitterating that my original issue had already been taken care of and that I just wanted to know what was going on with them wanting their shipment back.  She told me that they never, ever, ever ask for shipments back, ever.  If the food is bad, spoiled, whatever, they will just send out a replacement – they don’t have the space to go through bad food, nor do they want to go through bad food.  She looked into my account and told me that they have no record what so ever of Plated issuing out anything to Fedex requesting the shipment back, and that Fedex has not reached out to them regarding shipping the package back.  She assured me I was good to go and there was nothing to worry about as if there was an issue with anything, that Plated would have called me directly and not used a middleman.

After this, I gave Fedex a call – using the same phone number that popped up on my caller ID from earlier.  I explained to the guy who answered the phone everything that had been going on, and told him Plated’s response.  He put me on the hold and looked into the issue… roughly 5 minutes later he got back on the line and basically said they had no idea what I was talking about.  He looked up the tracking number and said that there is nothing anywhere that says the package was requested back, and he said there is no record what so ever that anybody even called me about a return shipment.  He further said that if a driver does come to the house to ask for the shipment to explain to him what happened and to tell him to destroy the shipping ticket if they have one.

Because of this whole mess, I don’t think I will ever give Plated another try.  Yes, I have another order coming, but after that.. nothing.  This whole situation has been a complete nightmare, one that I care not to repeat.  I understand that weather can sometimes get in the way of things, but precautions should have been put in place – and they should not say you’ll get an order “by 8pm on” a certain date.  I’m impressed with Plated’s customer service, but I’m not impressed by their shipping, nor am I impressed with the portion size of what you spend quite a bit of money on.  With all the other issues with Fedex, this whole experience has left a bad taste in my mouth (No pun intended!).

A picture of my order, complete with frozen solid corn, mushy shallot, and a carrot that looks rotten. Order

Jewelry in Candles! Thank you :)


Hi there to all my new followers and friends thanks to my last post about the WONDEFUL company I work for, Jewelry in Candles!

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Jewelry In Candles!


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So Busy…


Ugh, the holidays are finally over.. and let me tell you, we’ve been so busy around here.  Jay and I both started new jobs working at a contracted call center taking a cable company’s sales calls.  Let me tell you, people are evil and rotten lol – of course I already knew this, but man.. customer service over the phone is difficult.

Small bit of advise to people before they call in to piss and moan about something…. Don’t just mash buttons on your phone to get to a live person – the prompts are there to help YOU get to the right place, and 9 times out of 10 I’m going to have to transfer you elsewhere because I can’t help you with whatever your problem is.

When I’m asking you for your information, like your phone number and your address, it’s so I can pull your account up – and I tell you this – please slow down a bit so I can understand what you’re saying and type it into the computer correctly and not have to ask you to repeat everything 5 times.  Also, if you have an odd name or address.. spell it out so I don’t have to ask, and don’t treat me like I’m stupid because I don’t know how to spell your extremely long and foreign name that has zero vowels, thanks.

And lastly, talking to a supervisor will not help you.  In my particular call center, supervisors do not have any power over us what so ever – they are strictly there for us to ask questions when we get dumb errors popping up on our screen that we can’t figure out how to get rid of – so when I tell you what a company policy is and you tell me “I don’t care what company policy is, I know that your supervisor can override what your system will let you do and you just don’t want to help me because blahblahblah..”   that’s not true, I want to do everything in my power to get you off the phone as quickly as possible, and so does my supervisor – but we physically cannot override some of the dumbest stuff, as much as we like to… Me getting my supervisor for you is going to take 15 minutes because they don’t want to deal with irate customers any more than you want to be waiting on hold for so long.. and my supervisor is just going to tell you the exact same information that I gave you.. which I read right off of the same website THAT YOU HAVE ACCESS TO!  Calling in to bitch at us doesn’t do anything. lol  Plus by me getting my supervisor, know that when my sup is on the phone with you, I’m gathered around 5 other people laughing about what an idiot you sound like over something nobody can control.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all I can think of right now.. plus I’m kind of tired of even thinking about work.. I need a vacation. lol

Hooray for Leftover Holiday Food!


Yesterday’s Thanksgiving was pretty successful if I do say so myself.  Went over to the in-laws and brought some homemade macaroni and cheese as well as two homemade coconut cream pies and a homemade apple pie…. Jay’s brother declared my mac n cheese to be “the best thing I’ve ate all day!” So! Overall, I am extremely pleased – it’s always great to be complimented on something you worked hard on.  Granted, I know I’m a damn good cook (so I’m a bit cocky about it, so sue me lol), it’s still nice to know that it’s not just myself and Jay that thinks I’m a damn good cook. XD

Needless to say, we have a TON of turkey left over… and a ton of it in the freezer, too.  We’re all turkeyed out at the moment, but I definitely need to come up with some recipes to utilize this turkey (other than sammiches and plain ol’ turkey on a plate lol) … Jay wants to do white turkey chili, but meh…

Because we’re so turkeyed out, and because I have left over cheese sauce from that mac n cheese, tonight’s dinner is going to be cheeseburger soup with some homemade breadbowls … which I will totally get started on after I do the dishes, I swear >.>;

On a non food related note, I’m building an advent calendar – which I will totally post pictures of when it’s finished!  It’s just made out of toilet paper tubes, but when it’s all finished it will (hopefully) look like a tree and will have little gifts and treats for us and the cats.  Tomorrow we’ll get out the little table top Christmas tree (since we can’t have anything bigger.. rotten, destructive cats) and hopefully do a bit more decorating.. because I am so ready for Christmas!

Any time now, snow!


The holidays this year just seem like they’re missing something – I can’t seem to get into the spirit of it, and honestly I think it’s because we haven’t had any snow!  The weather here in Ohio has been crazy, one week it’s 60 degrees, the next week it’s blistering cold.. but still, no snow.  This morning we woke up to snow!!  We had to brush snow and a bit of ice off the car this morning, and I was pretty happy – to see snow, to me, is the first sign of winter.. and I think Thanksgiving is really the start of the holiday season.

Unfortunately, the snow has since melted from this morning.. and now that I’m thinking about it, any bit of shopping I’ve done around town has just shown that it’s not been very busy – usually this time of year all the stores are packed and crazy and everything… but it’s not.  It seems like people are moving in slow motion, not really into this holiday spirit yet.

So… come on snow, I don’t like this dreary, mopey yuckiness going around right now!

Rimmel London Retro Glam Mascara Review


Like I said in the first post I made, I get free stuff for my review all the time! (which is partly why I created this blog, anyway)  So, for this post I’m going to talk about the new Retro Glam Mascara from Rimmel London (which is out in stores November 2013 – so, now!) that I got from Influenster.

Some of you may know already, but I have bone straight eyelashes.  They seriously have no curl to them what so ever.  And, a lot of them are blonde!

No Mascara

Usually I just use my normal mascara and use a lash curler and pray they stay (which they never do, by the way!)… And if I really want a bold look, I actually have to take my hair dryer to my curler, heat it up, hope that I don’t burn my face and try to curl my lashes that way … Which works for awhile, but after a couple hours, my lashes are back to being straight.

That being said.. I go into any mascara thinking “this will never work,” but I think this Retro Glam stuff might be a little different.

For starters, the brush is huge!  Which I do like, but I did find myself getting it all over my face, lol, because I’m not used to having such a big brush.



So, I decided I wasn’t going to curl my lashes and I tried out this bad boy… I’m kind of impressed with the fact that it made my lashes stand up, and it was dark enough that it covered up those blonde lashes I got cursed with.


What I did notice though, is that it seems to make my lashes stick together a bit, but I’m not sure if that’s because I didn’t use a lash primer or because my lashes are so straight or if it’s just because it’s such a huge brush..

The finished product!



All in all, I really do like this mascara .. It makes my lashes feel fuller, but I think that I definitely need practice on using such a big brush!